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I create elegantly-minimalistic, mobile-friendly applications and websites. Effective communication is at the heart of what I do—whether that means articulating ideas on a team or a message to your users and visitors.

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Whether a problem has been identified and it's time to explore solutions, or the problem needs defining, I can isolate point a, point b, and the road that gets us to our destination: a product that solves ___________.


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I appreciate beautiful things for their own sake, but give me something beautiful that is a simple and intuitive solution to a problem and...just take my money now. When a 'why' has been defined, this is my standard for 'how'.


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I believe in using the right tool for the job and I'll learn whichever technology needs to be utilized to solve the problem—and enjoy the process of learning it! These are the languages and frameworks in which I'm currently proficient:


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Pomodoro Timer

I visualized this timer working like an old iPod with a scroll wheel: the timer can easily be controlled with one-hand, using the intuitive play, pause, and stop buttons paired with the thumbwheel sliders. Eventually I'll add a clicking sound when setting the timer, as well as finished work and rest interval alerts.

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Basic Calculator

Color inspiration was drawn from the class calculators that were passed out when I was in grade school. Other than that, it's a straight-forward project calculator. Is there much innovation left to be had?

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Twitch Favorite User Panel

This Twitch panel makes a request via Twitch's API. In addition to viewing an already populated list of users, I added the ability to add users.

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Wikipedia Search Engine

A minimalistic search engine that utilizes Wikepedia's API to pull basic search result information. The results can be clicked anywhere on the card and taken directly to the article on Wikipedia's page.

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Weather App

Currently, the app will display user coordinates and corresponding local temperature. When a Google geolocation API key is inserted into the codebase, the city/state relevant to coordinates will be displayed.

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Random Quote Generator

Another API based app that calls random quotes and displays them when a user clicks/taps. The user can then tweet the quote and credit to their account.